It’s been years given that cellular phone, particularly Android mobile phones, began sustaining 2 synchronised SIM cards. Nonetheless, it appears to be triggering troubles, as the message “Link trouble or wrong MMI code” is partially pertaining to this. Keep tuned to learn what the MMI code is, what is triggering the trouble and also just how to repair it.


In layperson’s terms, a Human Equipment User Interface (MMI) code is a number you call from your mobile phone, beginning with an asterisk

and ends with a hash (#).  We usually use MMI codes to check our account balance or to perform any action offered by our SIM service provider.

Mobile Phone

Component of the trouble entailed is normally as a result of bad or no mobile network link, which occasionally protects against individuals from making telephone calls and also sending out sms message. On the various other hand, troubles with the SIM card verification can likewise trigger the message “Void MMI code”, as both SIM cards might hinder each various other.


Reenergize your tool

Unlike various other Android concerns, it can just be taken care of momentarily and also from another location by reactivating your phone. It is best to do this very first as it can fix the trouble as soon as possible.

Disable SIM

Given that the reason for this trouble is the synchronised procedure of 2 SIM cards, it is advised to disable among them.

  1. Currently, not all Android mobile phones will certainly do the very same actions, yet this is just how the procedure searches in basic:
  2. Begin by mosting likely to setups.
  3. Search For ‘Twin SIM setups’ or a comparable alternative related to your SIM card.
  4. Below you can have an area for turned on/ shut down SIM cards or specific setups for every SIM card.

Detach the SIM you do not require now. Verify your selection if your phone asks you to.

Most likely to secure setting

  1. Much Like with its equivalents, Android Safe Setting is everything about inspecting to see if it functions well with one of the most vital applications packed. This can assist identify if a just recently set up program is triggering the mistake message “Link trouble or wrong MMI code” since you can still kind the code you attempted to obtain. Below’s just how to turn on secure setting.
  2. Press and also hold the power switch till the power food selection shows up.
  3. Shut off your phone.
  4. Wait a couple of secs and also transform it on by holding back both quantity switches prior to beginning. On some designs, the order might be a little various.
  5. Once it begins filling, you can launch the switches. When it begins, there need to be ‘Safe Setting’ in the reduced left edge of the display.
  6. In secure setting, you can still call the MMI code number and also see if it functions. If it functions, possibilities are excellent that the application is triggering these concerns, and also it might be a great concept to discover and also eliminate it. Otherwise, attempt one more technique.

When done, reactivate your phone to leave Safe Setting.

  1. If you are incapable to go into secure setting in this manner, you might require to attempt one more technique, depending upon your tool. Below is one for older gadgets:
  2. Press and also hold the power switch till the power food selection shows up.
  3. Do not shut off your phone; simply hold back the power switch for a couple of secs. A popup will certainly show up asking if you intend to most likely to secure setting.
    Click on
  4. Safe setting
  5. Go into the very same code you can not discover. This will certainly show if the application is in charge of the mistake message you are attempting to avoid. If so, attempt uninstalling this program.

When done, reactivate your phone to leave Safe Setting.

Include personality

  1. If the trouble is just a void MMI code, including additional personalities (commas and also pluses) can fix the trouble as it is a means to carry out the procedure to miss all mistakes.
  2. Attempt including a comma (,) throughout of your code. If the MMI code is 1234, it will certainly appear like this: “* 1234 #”. You can leave out the breakpoint, as below for grammatic functions.

A plus (+) need to be contributed to the asterisk, with the very same MMI code “* + 1234 #”.

  1. The examination food selection offers a service to these troubles. Attempt the following:
  2. Dial * # * # 4636 # * # * from your phone. It does not count as a phone call, so you can still call it.
    The number will be transferred to the 'Test' menu immediately if you have entered it correctly.  Choose
  3. Examination food selection
    Click Run ping test.
  4. Telephone details
    Scroll down until you see the buttons
  5. Shut off the radio
  6. Click Shut off radio.
  7. Click Trigger SMS by means of IMS.

Reactivate your tool and also see if it fixes the trouble.

Examine the picked network driver

  1. You might likewise be outside the network of your company for any kind of factor. To see if this holds true and also choose the preferred network, adhere to these actions:
  2. Go Into “Setups”.
  3. Most Likely To ‘Network Link’ or a comparable food selection.
  4. Select “Mobile Networks”.
  5. Faucet Network drivers and also the phone will certainly look for all readily available networks. Locate a person that comes from your company and also select it.
  6. Wait till your phone links to the network.

If the trouble lingers, attempt attaching once more.

To remain linked

This problem might be tough to settle since you require to learn if the problem is your link, or if something is avoiding you from carrying out the SIM activity. Attempt all these techniques anyhow, and also you wish you can recognize the reason and also fix the trouble.

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