WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging platform with many features. It is fully encrypted and has many customizable privacy features. Among them is the ability to block users. It is difficult to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp because you will not get a notification about it. In this guide, we will help you consider the factors that indicate that someone has blocked you on WhatsApp.

  1. Profile picture no longer appears
  2. Last seen and online status are no longer visible
  3. You cannot view status updates
  4. Cannot add user to whatsapp group
  5. Your messages only show one tick in WhatsApp
  6. Whatsapp calls are not connected

1. The profile picture is no longer visible

Did the profile picture of the user you suspect of being blocked suddenly disappear? If a user’s profile picture is replaced by a gray background, it can only mean two things: either they deleted their profile picture, or they blocked you.

The user may have just deleted their profile picture. However, this is one of the signs that a user has blocked you on WhatsApp. Read on to check out some other factors that will help you in determining if you are blocked on WhatsApp.

2. Last seen and online status is no longer visible

WhatsApp Online Status and Last Seen Features Shows the user’s activity status as well as the last time they were active. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, their recent visit and online status will disappear automatically. In the space allotted to it, nothing is displayed. This is how you can check last seen and online status on whatsapp.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the desired conversation.
  3. When you land on the chat page, check their recent visit or online status under their name.

    Check last seen and online status in Whats App on iPhone

Thanks to the privacy features of WhatsApp, users also have the option to hide their recent visit and online status by changing some settings. Also, if you hide your last visit and online status, you will not be able to view other people’s last visit and online status. Since we’re at a checkpoint again, check out the next step.

3. You cannot view status updates

WhatsApp Status is a fun and easy way to share photos and videos. This works like Snapchat and Instagram Stories where you upload photos or videos that disappear within 24 hours. When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, even their status updates are hidden from you.

But just like the previous two points, the user can manually hide status updates thanks to the WhatsApp privacy settings. In addition, there are several other reasons why you cannot view user uploads and we have a guide to help you fix WhatsApp status not showing issue.

4. User cannot be added to whatsapp group

WhatsApp does not allow you to add users to WhatsApp groups if they block you. So, another way to check if you are blocked on WhatsApp is to try to add the user to a WhatsApp group.

To test this, create a temporary WhatsApp group and add the user to the group. If you are unable to add a user and see a popup that says “Failed to add to group” or “Unable to add member”, then you are blocked.

Cannot add user to WhatsApp group on iPhone

Again, the privacy features of WhatsApp allow users to control who can add them to groups. If you have a history of adding users to WhatsApp groups without their permission, they may have blocked you from adding them to groups.

5. Your messages are tagged with only one tick in WhatsApp.

If you can’t view a user’s profile picture, last viewed activity, or upload status, you can’t add them to groups, it might be because they changed their privacy settings. The likelihood of someone making all of these changes at once is very small, but let’s be a little optimistic.

So, to find out if you are blocked on WhatsApp, you should check the read receipts of the messages you send. To do this, send a WhatsApp message to the user.

Now I’m not asking you to confront a user asking if they blocked you. Instead, just send a simple greeting or hello and check the check mark next to the message.

Here’s what the check marks mean next to WhatsApp messages:

  1. One gray checkmark: The message has been sent from your device.
  2. Double gray checkmarks: The message has been delivered to the user’s device. (It can be an iPhone, iPad, or other related device)
  3. Blue double checkmarks: The user has read your message.

If you display a single gray checkmark message and it does not change to double gray checkmarks even after a couple of days, you are definitely banned.

Only one tick appears in your messages after someone has blocked you

6. WhatsApp calls are not connected

The last step is to contact the user and verify that your calls have been received. Here’s how to find out if your calls are connected.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the desired conversation and make an audio/video call.
  3. If the status of the outgoing call is “Calling”, it means that the connection has not been established yet. The status will change to “Calling” after a few seconds, which means the recipient has received the call.
  4. Now, if you are blocked, the status will not change from one call to the next, no matter how long you wait.

    WhatsApp calls not connecting when someone blocked you

If the user does not have an active internet connection, the call status will be suspended on the call. You can try to call at a different time, which will dispel your doubts.

Go on and don’t create more problems!

If all of the above factors do not work in your favor, then that particular user has blocked you on WhatsApp. There is a possibility that the user has just changed their privacy settings. However, the chances are very slim and you might know why you got banned.

However, do not attempt to create any additional problems by contacting the person through any other means. The main reason why WhatsApp and other social media platforms do not notify users of blocking is to avoid conflicts and protect the privacy of blockers.

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