If your computer has a CD or DVD burner, you may have used it in the past to create a mix CD or burn large files to physical media.

But things are a little different when you need multiple copies of the same drive, which many standard applications can’t handle.

One program that you can use is called ImgBurn. It is completely free and suitable for this type of work.

Our guide below will show you how to use ImgBurn when you want to burn the same content to multiple discs.

How to use ImgBurn to make disc burns

  1. Download and install the imgBurn app.
  2. Start ImgBurn.
  3. Select the registration option for your project.
  4. Add the files to the drive, then select the Device tab.
  5. Select Copies and select the desired quantity.
  6. Click Copy.
  7. Eject the finished disc and insert a blank disc when prompted.

Our guide continues below with more information on making multiple copies of discs, including pictures of the steps.

Recently I ran into a situation where I needed to burn 100 copies of the same data onto a DVD.

If you’re like me and usually only burn one copy of a disc at a time, doing the same tedious repetitive task for hours can seem like a nightmare.

Also, each DVD took about 4 minutes to burn, so I couldn’t get too far from the computer.

For the average person, there aren’t many possible solutions to this problem, but there are ways to automate the “multiple copies” problem with ImgBurn.

How to create multiple copies of CDs or DVDs

The steps in this article use the ImgBurn app to do this. Please note that your computer must have a drive capable of burning whatever type of disc you are trying to create.

Step 1: Go to the ImgBurn download page, then click on the “Mirror 1” link in the center of the window.

Download ImgBurn

Step 2: Save the file to your computer, then double-click the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.

Save the ImgBurn boot file

Step 3: Click the Start button, select All Programs, and then click ImgBurn.

Step 4: Choose the appropriate registration option.

Step 5: Click on the “File” and “Folder” icons in the center of the window to add the data to the disk, and then click on the “Device” tab on the upper right side of the window.

Step 6: Click the “Number of Copies” drop-down menu at the bottom of the window, then select the number of copies you want.

Step 7: Click the Copy button at the bottom of the window.

Once the first disc’s burning process is complete, ImgBurn will prompt you to insert the next disc. You don’t even have to click OK if you don’t want to. It will automatically start burning the next disc a few seconds after the computer recognizes a blank disc.

Now that you know how to create multiple copies of a CD or DVD with this free application, you can use it in the future any time you need to make copies of a disc again.