Changing the color of a folder on Mac can help you quickly identify it from other files and folders. It can also be used to organize, categorize, or prioritize information. So, if you are trying to brighten up your screen or make certain folders easier to find, learning how to change the color of folders on Mac will help you a lot!

How to change folder color on Mac using Preview

  1. Launch the Finder app → right-click on the folder whose color you want to change.
  2. Select Get info.

    Right-click the folder whose color you want to change

  3. Click the folder icon in the upper left corner (folder name).
    The icon will be highlighted.

    Select a folder and press Command + V.

  4. Select Edit from the menu bar → click Copy.
    Alternatively, you can also press Cmd (⌘) + C.


  5. Now turn on the preview with the light (Cmd (⌘) + Spacebar).

    Run Preview with Spotlight

  6. From the menu bar, choose File → Choose New from Clipboard.

    Select New from clipboard

  7. Click the Markup Tool (pencil icon).

    Click Markup Tool

  8. Go to the color setting (settings icon).

    Color customization

  9. Change the color by adjusting the gradient sliders until you find the color you like.

    Adjust the Hue sliders

  10. Click the X symbol to close the dialog box.

    Click X

  11. Select a colored folder and copy it by pressing Cmd (⌘) + C → click on the X icon.
  12. Select Delete in the dialog box.


  13. Return to the information window from the beginning. If you closed it, go back to the folder → right click → select “Get info”.
  14. Select the folder icon in the info window and press Cmd (⌘) + V.

    Select a folder and press Command + V.

Use third-party apps to change folder color on Mac

Change default folder color on Mac using third party apps

Third-party apps are a good choice if you plan to change the color of a folder on your Mac. I’ve curated a list of some of the most popular options below.

  1. Folder color: This program allows you to change the color of individual folders and create your own folder icons.
  2. folder coloring: You can easily change the color by dragging the folder into the Folder Colorizer window.
  3. folder icons: With this app, you can easily change the look of your folders by adding color, textures, and unique icons.

Is it possible to customize the Pictures and Icons folders on a Mac?

Replacing the folder’s default blue color on your Mac with your desired pictures or custom icon is easier than you think. No, you cannot copy and paste it to the front of the folder. You need to follow the steps in our article on changing file and folder icons on Mac.

Color coding your folders with tags

It can be difficult to distinguish folders if they are the same color, but if changing folder color is too difficult for you, you can add a tag to the folder name. All you have to do is right click on the folder → select any tag.

How to color folders on Mac using tags

Alternatively, you can also create a custom tag by selecting “Tags” → enter a tag name → choose a color → select “Create New Tag” → press Enter to save the new tag.


Is it possible to change the color of several folders at the same time on a Mac?

No, you cannot change the color of several folders at the same time. You must change the color of each folder individually.

Can I return the original color of the folder?

Yes, to return the folder to its original color, right-click on it → select Info → select No to remove the color and restore the original color.

Does changing the color of a folder affect the files it contains?

No, changing the color of a folder does not affect the files it contains. It only affects the color of the folder icon.

Does changing folder color affect label color?

Changing the folder’s tint affects the color of the folder’s icon and does not affect the color of the label.

Is it easy to find the folder?

Mac gives you the freedom to customize folders however you like. I hope this new information has helped you make your Mac more visually appealing and productive by using different colors for different folder types.

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