The cursor you see on the screen in Windows 7 can blink to make it easier to find.

This can be surprisingly useful, because moving the mouse can sometimes be an inefficient way to find that object.

But if you don’t like the way your cursor looks and want it to blink slower or faster, keep reading below and find out how to change the blinking speed of your cursor in Windows 7.

How to make the Windows cursor blink faster or slower

  1. Click the “Start” button.
  2. Select Control Panel.
  3. Click View and select Small icons.
  4. Select keyboard.
  5. Use the cursor blink rate slider to adjust the speed.
  6. Click Apply, then OK.

Our guide continues below with more information on how to change the cursor blink rate in Windows 7, including pictures of the steps.

You can change a lot of different things about how your Windows 7 PC works, including some you may not have even considered.

One of these options is the speed at which the cursor blinks.

You have the option to make the cursor blink faster or slower. If this is a setting you often run into issues with, being able to learn how to change the cursor blink rate in Windows 7 can be a real lifesaver.

After adjusting the speed at which the indicator blinks, you should also check out some of the other customizable options in the Control Panel, such as how to change the clock format.

How to adjust the cursor blink rate in Windows 7 (Illustrated Guide)

Like most other settings you can configure in Windows 7, this setting is located in the Control Panel.

You should familiarize yourself with this list because it is a good way to customize your Windows 7 installation and make it work better for you.

Step 1: Click the Start button, then click Control Panel in the column to the right of the list.

Step 2: Click the “View” drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the window, then select the “Small icons” option.

Change the appearance of the icon in Control Panel

Step 3: Click on the blue “Keyboard” link in the middle of the window.

Step 4: Drag the slider under the indicator’s blink rate either to the left to make it slower or to the right to make it faster.

How to change cursor blink rate in windows 7

Step 5: Click the Apply button and then click the OK button.

Now that you know how to change the cursor’s blinking speed in Windows 7, you can go back to this menu and adjust this setting so that the cursor blinks at a speed that works for you.