Exactly how to count particular words in Google Pages

If your manager asks you to figure out the amount of times a specific word shows up on your spread sheet, you might have a light anxiety attack. Do not stress, you do not need to count for hrs! We covered you.

Google Pages has an alternative to determine particular words or expressions for you. In this short article we will certainly reveal you exactly how to utilize this choice. On top of that, we will certainly discuss some comparable alternatives to stay clear of complication.

Matter as an alternative

As you might have presumed, we are speaking about an alternative called Matter If. This choice recognizes and also counts cells with a particular worth that you define. It can be anything: words, numbers, expressions and even solutions. It is hassle-free for individuals that are managing a huge quantity of information daily.

Whatever you require to do can be summed up in 2 actions:

  1. You should define the series of cells you intend to inspect, or pick the whole spread sheet.
  2. You should define which word or number you desire Google Pages to count for you.

This is it! Nonetheless, if you have actually never ever utilized this choice in the past, you can locate even more info in the overview listed below.

Detailed overview

To make it much more functional, allow’s state we need to know the amount of times words ‘consumer’ shows up in column A. When you prepare, open the spread sheet and also we can get going.

  1. Click a vacant cell.
  2. Get in the complying with formula: = AS MATTER (A1: A10, “consumer”).
  3. The outcome will certainly show up in this cell.

Right Here it is! So the very first component of the formula is the collection of cells you intend to inspect. In our instance, we were just curious about cells from 1 to 10. The 2nd component of the formula includes words you intend to count. Do not neglect to place it in quotes; or else you will certainly not obtain the right outcome.

Customers that intend to consider numerous words can pick a whole column for the outcomes. In this situation, you can get in something like “Outcomes” in the very first cell and afterwards count every word that fascinates you. Most importantly, you can export these arise from Google Sheets or send them to your coworkers.

how to count specific words

Matter cells that do not consist of particular words

On the various other hand, if many cells consist of a particular word, you can figure out the amount of cells words does not consist of. You can utilize the formula over and afterwards determine it on your own. Yet there is no factor to lose time on this as you can do it immediately.

We will certainly currently reveal you a changed Matter If formula. Expect you need to know the amount of cells do not consist of words ‘customer’. Right here’s what you require to do:

  1. Click a vacant cell.
  2. Get in the complying with formula: = AS MATTER (A1: A10, “consumer”).
  3. The outcome will certainly show up in this cell.

As you can see, the matter as feature is really delicate. 2 spelling can alter every little thing. For that reason, you require to be really cautious when making use of Google Pages to stay clear of incorrect outcomes.

Partial suit

There is an additional choice comparable to the very first choice we explained. Nonetheless, it possibly does not provide you the preferred outcomes. Wherefore? Some posts ask you to get in the complying with formula to count all cells which contain particular message: = IF COUNTER (A1: A10, “* customer *”).

Which’s right. Nonetheless, remember that we utilized words “message” rather than “word”. That cares? This formula recognizes all cells which contain the message you went into, also if it is not in the kind of a solitary word.

Right here is an instance to show this. Business proprietor can count the amount of times the trademark name shows up in a specific spread sheet. If he makes use of a partial matching formula, the formula counts not only cells which contain the consumer’s name, yet additionally cells which contain words like ‘advertising and marketing’. Due to the fact that ‘brand name’ is consisted of in ‘advertising and marketing’, right?

On top of that, the matter as feature is generally situation delicate, which can result in much more complication. You should as a result be really cautious to define what you are trying to find. Google Sheets has a service for virtually every little thing. Nonetheless, see to it you utilize dependable resources for your info.

Google Pages counts specific words

There is a lot even more

Lots of people do not completely utilize Google Pages. Rather, they utilize it as a straightforward spread sheet device, and also we believe that’s a pity, considering that this application has a whole lot to supply. Obviously, we are not simply speaking about the Matter If specification, although it is really helpful. You may be stunned that there are also much better alternatives.

So do not quit there; discover all the alternatives for this application.

What do you utilize Google Pages for and also what are your favored functions? Allow us understand in the remarks listed below.