iPhone apps are great. They provide convenient and fast ways to access the apps, websites, and services you use most frequently. But due to their usefulness, you may find that you have a lot of them on your phone. However, you don’t want to delete any apps because you’re still using them, so you want to be able to group them into folders like you would on a laptop or desktop. Fortunately, the iPhone 5 has a way to do this, although it’s not immediately obvious. So keep reading below to learn how to create App folders on your iPhone 5.

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This article was written for iOS 6. You can read the article updated for iOS 7 here.

How to make app folders on iPhone 5

It is important to note that this is slightly different from creating folders on a Mac or Windows computer. Your iPhone will automatically create a folder with a name that describes the types of apps in that folder. But once the folder is created, you can move it around on your phone just like any other installed app. You can also give the folder a different name if you like.

Step 1. Hold your finger on an app that you want to put in the folder until it starts to jiggle and an X appears in the upper left corner.

Press and hold the app on your iPhone 5

Step 2: Drag the icon on top of one of the other apps you want to include in the folder. The folder will be created automatically once the apps are located correctly. It can be a bit tricky to get the positioning right, so just keep working until the folder is created.

Drag the app you want on top of another app of the iphone 5 folder

Step 3: Click inside the folder name field at the top of the folder section on the screen, then enter the desired folder name and click Done when done.

How to create app folders on iphone 5

Step 4: Drag any other apps over this folder to enable them.

If you later decide to remove an app from the folder you created, just tap the folder once to open it, then place your finger on the app you want to remove and drag it to the desired location on one of the home screens.

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