While it does not forbid you from by hand getting in the day and also time right into a Google Pages cell, it is not the fastest means to do so. As opposed to checking out the clock or schedule, you can utilize among both preferred attributes: CURRENTLY and also THESE DAYS.

Both are incredibly rapid and also simple to utilize, and also can function alone or as component of a formula. Keep reading to find out just how to go into the present time making use of the NOW and also TODAY attributes in Google Pages.

Go into the present time with the NOW feature

The NOW function is among one of the most made use of in Google Sheets. Its primary objective is to assist you place the present day and also time right into a worksheet in no time at all. Additionally, this function is commonly made use of in several solutions with which you can include proper days and also times.

Although some features have intricate phrase structure, the phrase structure for this feature is remarkably straightforward: “= NOW ()”. You just require to go into the present time in a cell:

  1. Click the cell where you intend to present the day and also time.
  2. Kind or paste “= Currently ()”.
  3. Press Get In “.

After entering this straightforward formula, you will certainly see the present time in the cell and also the formula in the formula bar.


Additionally you can utilize the faster way: Ctrl + Change + # or [email protected] The distinction in between both faster ways remains in the layout: the initial shows the moment in 24-hour layout, while the 2nd shows the present time in 12-hour layout.

Utilizing the NOW feature is simple. The only demand is that the cell in which you are utilizing it has to be formatted to show the moment and also definitely nothing else.

Just how to layout day and also time in Google Pages

You can layout a day or time on a whole Google web page making use of the food selection alternatives:

  1. Select a cell or the whole variety of cells which contain the moment and also day.
  2. Select “Layout” generally food selection.
  3. Select Number > Various other styles from the food selection.
  4. Click Various other day and also time styles
  5. Go into a customized day and also time layout in the dialog box.

The picked cells must currently present the day and also time in the picked layout.

Recalculate worksheet and also upgrade time

So currently you have actually gone into the CURRENTLY feature and also obtained the present time therefore. However that does not imply that the day in the cells will certainly not alter. Equally as time in fact passes, the local time in your spread sheet is upgraded to show the local time, not the moment you initially got in the function.

This is due to the fact that the NOW feature is adjustable. This indicates that the moment is upgraded when your web page is recalculated. So if you alter something, such as pasting information right into one cell, the shown time will certainly show the modification.

You can not remove the unstable feature, however you can alter the characteristics of recalculations. Open up the Documents food selection, and also you will certainly see 2 even more alternatives: one is to upgrade the moment each time you make a modification and also every min, and also the various other is to upgrade the moment each time you you make a modification and also every hr.

To alter the recalculation regularity:

  1. Select Spread Sheet Setups > Estimation from the Documents food selection.
  2. Select the proper alternative from the food selection.

Just how to maintain time fixed

Although you can not quit upgrading an unsteady feature, utilize the timestamp feature rather than the NOW feature if you desire a fixed time and also day in a cell. To go into a day that does not alter, press Ctrl +;, or to go into a time that does not alter, press Ctrl + Change +:.

Go into the present day making use of the TODAY feature

If you desire a cell (or team of cells) to present the present day instead of hrs and also mins, this is a fast means to utilize the TODAY feature. The TODAY feature resembles CURRENTLY. You can pick just how commonly it is upgraded, however you can not transform it off.

To go into today’s day in a cell, merely:

  1. Click the cell where you intend to present the day.
  2. Kind or paste “= TODAY ()”.
  3. Press Get In “.

Currently you can see the present time in the cell and also the formula in the formula bar.


Unlike cells with the NOW feature, cells having the TODAY feature are upgraded once daily for evident factors.

You can alter the default layout in which the day is shown based upon local choices:

  1. Click: Layout.
  2. Select number, after that extra styles and also lastly extra day and also time styles.
  3. Personalize the format at all you such as.

If you intend to go into a fixed day, do not utilize the TODAY feature. The good news is, you can utilize a faster way. Simply click a cell and also press Ctrl +;.

Tough faster ways

The attributes CURRENTLY and also TODAY are rather hassle-free and also simple to utilize, however it is very important to recognize their vibrant nature and also constantly pick the alternative that matches you ideal.

Did you go into the day or time in the Google web page prior to? Did you do it similarly we did? Share your experience in the remarks area listed below.