Exactly how to deal with ‘4504 message not located’ in Android

Proprietors of Android mobile phones that utilize their sms applications (i.e. mostly all of them) might have obtained an unusual mistake message in their SMS application that reviews “4504 Message not located”. These mistakes are remarkably usual as well as show up particularly on the Samsung S4 smart device. Nevertheless, it can show up on any kind of Android phone with SMS, no matter the company.

If you check out the message 4504 in your SMS application, you will certainly see that it has an unidentified sender. Because of this, individuals in some cases believe it’s spam, however it’s not. This message is generally created for 2 factors: initially, the TEXT application has actually turned on ‘Block unidentified senders’, which can in some cases cause the look of a message from an unidentified sender in the kind of this ‘ghost’ message. The issue typically happens when the SMS message hangs throughout the transfer or the information package is not moved effectively from the supplier to your phone.

Repair mistake “4504 message not located” on Android

The problem is that there is no ‘main’ remedy to this insect. Fortunately is that there are numerous points you can do on your own to repair this. In this write-up, I provide some standard actions to address issues that you can require to address this issue.

Approach one: delicately charge your phone

  1. Press as well as hold the power trick up until you see the gadget food selection.
  2. Select Restart.
  3. Allow the phone reboot as well as attempt once again.

Approach 2: run the phone difficult

  1. Press as well as hold the power trick of the phone up until the gadget choice food selection shows up.
  2. Select Power off.
  3. Leave it on for 30 secs after transforming it off.
  4. Charge your phone as well as examine once again after it is totally billed.

If your gadget has a detachable battery, eliminate it as well as leave your phone for 30 secs. After that change the battery – an additional simple chilly boot approach.

How to fix '4504 message not found' on Android 2

Approach 3: Re-install the SIM card

For some, the mistake “4504 message not located” can be taken care of by re-installing the SIM card in the phone.

  1. Press as well as hold the power trick of the phone up until the gadget food selection shows up.
  2. Select Power off.
  3. Get rid of the situation or utilize a SIM elimination device to eliminate the SIM card.
  4. Clean the SIM card with a soft fabric.
  5. Modification your SIM card as well as reboot your phone.
  6. Retest.

How to fix '4504 message not found' on Android 3

Approach 4: place your phone back in the manufacturing facility

If this does not function, the only offered choice is a manufacturing facility setup. It will certainly get rid of all information on your phone, so do not take it gently.

  1. Most likely to the setups food selection on your phone.
  2. Most Likely To Back-up & reset as well as Manufacturing facility information reset.
  3. Faucet Repair phone, after that touch Erase all.
  4. Allow the procedure full as well as the phone will certainly reboot.

A manufacturing facility setup is the last resource, however if these various other approaches did not function, wish to quit the “Exactly how to discover 4504 not located” mistake. Hope it does not pertain to that!

If you have tips or exactly how to deal with the 4504 mistakes on your phone, please share them with us listed below!