Did you create a slide in another Powerpoint presentation that will be useful in your current project?

You may have tried manually recreating this slide, but this can be tedious and time consuming.

Our tutorial will show you how to insert slides from another presentation into PowerPoint 2010 by following a short series of steps.

How to copy slides between Microsoft Powerpoint presentations

  1. Open a Microsoft Powerpoint slideshow.
  2. Select the Browse tab.
  3. Click Compare.
  4. Double-click the slide file you want to copy.
  5. Check the box next to the slide you want to copy.
  6. Move the slides as needed.

Our guide continues below with more information on how to insert slides from another presentation into Powerpoint 2010, including images of those steps.

If your job requires you to create a lot of Powerpoint presentations on similar topics, chances are you’ve already created one slide show or slide that might be useful in other presentations.

But recreating that chip, especially if it contains many different elements, can be a little tricky.

Powerpoint 2010 includes a tool that allows you to insert slides from another presentation into a Powerpoint 2010 slide show.

This greatly speeds up the creation process because it simply extracts the information already present from your old presentation.

With the comparison tool in Powerpoint 2010, you can insert existing slides into your presentation and save time.

Add slides from another slide show in PowerPoint 2010 (Photo Tutorial)

This tool is very useful when you have an important informational slide that will be useful in more than one presentation.

Once a slide is correct in one presentation, you can continually add it to new slide shows without worrying about misspellings or incorrect information.

Also, if this slide took a lot of work to create that will be difficult to replicate, you can build on your initial hard work as you improve your new presentation.

Continue reading to learn how to insert slides from another presentation in PowerPoint 2010.

Step 1: Open the Powerpoint 2010 presentation where you want to paste the existing slides.

Step 2: Click on the Browse tab at the top of the window.

Open the powerpoint 2010 overview tab

Step 3: Click the Compare button in the Compare section of the bar at the top of the window.

How to insert slides from another presentation in PowerPoint 2010

Step 4: Find the slideshow that contains the slides you want to insert into your new presentation, and double-click the file to open it.

You can even paste in all of the slides from this presentation if you like.

Step 5: Check the box to the left of each slide that you want to include in your new slideshow.

If you want to list all slides, check the box at the top of the list to the left of all slides listed at this position.

Select the PowerPoint slides to insert

Step 6: Rearrange the slides if necessary by clicking a slide in the preview column on the left side of the window and then dragging it to the desired location.

When you’re done making all the changes, don’t forget to save the changes you made to the file.

Powerpoint also has a useful utility that allows you to loop individual slides in a slideshow. You can read here to learn more about how to perform this procedure.

Now that you know how to insert slides from another presentation into Powerpoint 2010, you can apply this technique and start getting more out of some of the best slides you’ve created in other presentations.