If you require a trusted market to get or offer footwear, StockX is the ideal location to have a look at. There is absolutely nothing you can locate there when it involves immaculate as well as genuine footwear as well as devices.

If you have a set of footwear that you wish to offer on StockX, you require to end up being acquainted with exactly how to load them. There are clear policies concerning which plans StockX approves.

In this write-up, we assist you with the actions to load your footwear. As well as I’ll reveal you what the shipment procedure resembles.

Properly to load footwear for StockX

If you have actually efficiently marketed your footwear on StockX, it’s time to obtain them all set for shipment. StockX provides you 2 organization days to provide your bundle to the UPS, yet you should load it initially.

StockX explains extremely precisely exactly how they approve footwear from vendors. As well as if the bundle does not satisfy their demands, they will certainly send it to you right away as well as pay you the shipment.

Prior to we comply with the detailed guidelines on loading your StockX footwear, keep in mind that you will certainly require accessibility to a printer. If you are certain that you can publish all the needed types, comply with these actions:

  1. After offering your footwear, click the Publish Tag switch on the display. This will certainly publish the billing along with the shipment tag that features package.
  2. Take the billing as well as location it in the initial shoebox, not in the product packaging.
  3. It is currently time to place the initial footwear box in the product packaging. You require to ensure that the product packaging is not as well tiny. Or else, StockX denies it.
  4. When positioning the footwear box in the product packaging box, cover the bubble cover or paper to ensure the footwear box does closed or end up being harmed.
  5. Usage tape to safely shut package. However do not exaggerate it, there is something as repackaging.
  6. Affix the UPS sticky sticker label to the beyond the bundle, not in the footwear box. Make certain the barcode is not covered.

Idea: You can get specialized covering paper for your tags. It features the sticky side. You can merely put it on the product packaging without making use of tape.


StockX urges vendors to ensure they comply with the guidelines properly. Otherwise, maybe a waste of initiative. As well as it will just cost you cash as well as time.

To ensure you obtain it right, StockX also provides you an instance of what not to do to prevent errors.

How to pack shoes for StockX

No-Nos product packaging

Along with picking the ideal dimension of product packaging as well as putting the bubble cover within, there are a couple of points to bear in mind. Among the typical errors is to put the billing print outside the initial shoebox.

It should be gone along with by footwear. One more persisting blunder is positioning individual products in the product packaging. This might be something arbitrary that you did not see, as well as you are currently sending it to StockX.

Evaluate it completely prior to sticking package to make sure that you do not risk of sending it back to you. As well as place the initial shoebox in the product packaging.

You can not make use of a shoebox as a bundle, also if you place it in an envelope. It is additionally undesirable to place footwear without the footwear box straight in the product packaging.

Keep in mind that just small damages as well as small damages to the shoebox itself are enabled. However every little thing that resembles splits, splits as well as deep dives is instantly turned down.

Crucial Note: Do not put sticker labels with HAZMAT tags on the product packaging. It is additionally unlawful. Which’s why StockX will certainly surrender your footwear right away.

Shoes package for StockX

Just how to send out packaged footwear

When you have actually made certain that you have actually adhered to the appropriate product packaging procedure for StockX footwear, it is time to send it to the firm. StockX just utilizes UPS for the delivery procedure for its sellers.

For that reason, you require to locate the accredited UPS place as well as return your bundle. You can inspect it Website locate the place that is closest to you. If you locate the most effective UPS place, you will certainly make certain also much faster shipment to StockX, as well as over time you will certainly obtain your cash much faster.

If you can not locate the closest collection factor for the UPS, you can additionally provide shipment. All you need to do is go to the UPS site as well as get in all the info concerning your bundle.

StockX confirmation procedure

Among the reasons that StockX is so prominent with individuals that like tennis shoes is since they make certain that their items are genuine as well as in superb problem. StockX describes the footwear they deal as tennis shoes.

This suggests that they are new, never ever used which they are typically much less than 5 years of ages. They additionally approve old tennis shoes, yet they are discriminated. StockX checks every little thing concerning the item, shade, problem as well as sees if there are any kind of indications of wear.

They additionally ensure that the footwear are not phony. Every information is contrasted to the initial set of footwear, consisting of sewing, gluing as well as worldly top quality.

Product packaging problems

This might seem like a saying, yet in lots of methods it holds true. The very first point you see prior to you get an item is the product packaging. As well as absolutely nothing is various than attempting to offer your footwear on StockX.

If you do not care exactly how you load it, it is not likely that the footwear will certainly remain in excellent problem. It simply takes a little initiative, accessibility to the printer as well as some bubble cover. As well as footwear get on their means to being a fortunate customer.

Have you ever before marketed footwear on StockX? What was your experience? Allow us recognize in the remarks listed below.