Like many food selections, Excel has arrowheads that you can click. Nevertheless, you can conceal or eliminate arrowheads when exporting or sharing Excel documents.

So, just how do you eliminate unneeded arrowheads? There are 2 methods to do this – one is rather easy and also makes use of standard Excel devices, and also the various other needs you to use particular code to the data you are collaborating with. In either case, the adhering to overview ought to assist you do that without a sweat.

PivotTable setups

This is a fast and also very easy technique, yet you need to recognize that the activity additionally conceals the area names. If you do incline, have a look at the actions listed below. Or else go straight to the advanced coding/ macro technique.

Action 1

Select the initial cell under the area name and also right-click on it. Click PivotTable Options in the pop-up food selection, you need to discover it at the end of the checklist.

Delete the scroll bar in Excel

Action 2

Once the PivotTable Options home window shows up, you need to see the Present tab. You are searching for ‘Program area headings and also filter reductions’. This attribute is allowed by default and also you should disable it to ensure that the arrowheads go away.


If you disable this choice, click ALRIGHT at the end of the home window for the modifications to work. Take a look at the table to figure out if whatever looks excellent without the area names.

Delete the scroll bar in Excel

Macro technique

The benefit of this technique is that the area names continue to be the exact same and also you can eliminate all or among the reduction arrowheads. This technique appears intimidating in the beginning glimpse, yet it essentially boils down to mindful duplicating and also pasting.

Eliminate all arrowheads

Action 1

Very first take a look at the item of code you require to carry out to do away with all the arrowheads in your data.

Below DisableSelection ()

” Eliminate Scroll Arrowhead – Guide

Lower pt as turntable

Lower pt As PivotField

Establish pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables (1 )

For each and every pf in pt.PivotFields

pf.EnableItemSelection = False

Following web page

End Below

This code experiences all areas and also cells and also disables the product option feature. Simply put, it gets rid of all arrowheads in the turntable.

Action 2

Replicate all code/ macro – usage Cmd + C on Mac or Ctrl + C on Windows computer system. Remember that the code needs to be duplicated as it is, as also a small keying mistake can impact its capability.

Currently you require to click the Programmer tab listed below the Excel toolbar and also choose the Visual Basic food selection. This need to be the initial choice on the designer food selection.

Remove the scroll bar

Remember. Some variations of Excel might not have the Programmer tab. If you experience this problem, utilize the Alt + F11 faster way to go straight to the Visual Basic food selection.

Action 3

Select the workbook/ task you are working with in the food selection in the top left edge of the Visual Basic home window. Click Insert on the toolbar and also choose Component.

The component ought to show up in a big food selection on the right, and also the arrow ought to be where you require to place the code. If you paste the code, the remark line (beginning with an apostrophe) transforms eco-friendly et cetera of the lines transform black and also blue.

Action 4

Return to the Excel sheet and also choose any type of cell. Select the Sight tab, click the Macros food selection on the right and also choose the macro/ code you simply placed.


It ought to be initially on the food selection. Select it, press Run, and also all arrowheads go away from the table.

Getting rid of one arrowhead

Once More, this is the code you can utilize to eliminate just one of the scroll arrowheads.

Below DisableSelectionSelPF ()

” Eliminate the scroll arrowhead -tutorial

Lower pt as turntable

Lower pf As PivotField

In situation of mistake, return to following

Establish pt = ActiveSheet.PivotTables (1 )

Establish pf = pt.PageFields (1 )

pf.EnableItemSelection = False

End Below

From currently on you should adhere to actions 2-4 from the previous area.

Remember. For the functions of this short article, the macro has actually been configured to do away with the initial arrowhead it comes across. The code might be somewhat various if you intend to erase an additional arrowhead.

Points to think about

The techniques were evaluated on a little sheet having 14 rows and also 5 columns. Nevertheless, they additionally require to deal with much bigger sheets.

It is notable that these actions put on variations from Excel 2013 to 2016. Macros additionally require to be related to more recent software program models, yet the rundown of the device might be somewhat various.

If you utilize macros, you can reverse the modifications by altering the worth of = False to = Real. Place a couple of empty lines in the component, paste all the code and also simply alter the pf.EnableItemSelection regulation.

Fire an unnoticeable arrowhead

Using macros is usually thought about as intermediate or perhaps progressed expertise of Excel. As a matter of fact, macros are not that tough to find out, and also can assist you do away with arrowheads swiftly and also do great deals of various other trendy points.

Why do you intend to eliminate arrowheads from your skin? Have you made use of macros prior to? Share your experience with the remainder of the TechJunkie area.