If there is an event or action that you need to remember, setting an alarm on your Apple Watch is a great way to do so.

But you may have saved Alarm Clock use to your phone and not to your watch, and you’re not sure how to use the Alarm Clock app on your watch, or even if it was a separate option from the Phone app.

You can set an alarm on your Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown, selecting the Alarms app, tapping Add Alarm, then selecting Settings and checking the green checkmark.

How to create an alarm on your Apple Watch

  1. Press the Digital Crown.
  2. Select the Alarms app.
  3. Click Add Alarm.
  4. Set the alarm time, then tap the green checkmark.

Our Apple Watch alarm guide continues below with more information, including pictures of these steps.

There are plenty of apps on your Apple Watch that you can use to keep up with your schedule and manage your activity.

One app that can help with this is Alarm Clocks.

This application provides you with the tools to create Anxiety management Which will work at the time and day that you specify in the application

Similar to the Alarm Clock feature in the Clock app on your iPhone, this can be a very useful tool if you are no longer using a traditional, stand-alone alarm clock.

If you haven’t tried the alarm feature on your watch yet, continue reading below to learn more about it and set an alarm on your device.

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How to add an alarm on your Apple Watch

The steps in this article were completed on the Apple Watch Series 7 using watchOS 8.5.1.

Step 1: Press the Digital Crown on the side of your watch to open the Apps screen.

Step 2: Select the Alarm Clocks app icon.

Open the app

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap the Add Alert button.

How to set an Apple Watch alarm

Step 4: Choose a time for the alarm, then tap the green checkmark button in the lower-right corner of the watch face.

Select a time and tap the green tick

If you want to specify alarm days, give it a description, or choose whether or not to allow snooze, you can select the alarm from the main menu in the Alarms app and change the setting to your liking.

Now that you know how to set an Apple Watch alarm, you can complete the process any time you have an event you want to remember or if you want to use your watch to calm yourself.

More information about clock alarms

The alarms you see when you open the Alarms app on your watch are different from the alarms you see on your iPhone.

This means that adding a new alarm to your Apple Watch or iPhone won’t affect the other device.

Also, alarms that you create on your watch cannot be configured in the same way as alarms on your phone. For example, you can’t set a song as your watch’s alarm sound or choose your Apple Watch’s alarm sound at all.

If your Apple Watch has an alarm that you want to edit or delete, you can open the Alarms app, select the alarm, scroll down on the screen and tap the Delete button.

If you want to change the time, the days your alarm goes off, the alarm’s name, or the ability to snooze, you can also change those settings on this screen.

Note that the Apple Watch Alarms app also has a sleep mode The alarm is at the top of the screen, but you can’t change it from this menu. You’ll need to open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch and make changes to it.