Technology was introduced to make everyday life easier, but it has also been criticized for being distracting and slowing down productivity. As a result, many (myself included) spend most of their day staring endlessly at the rectangle they’re holding. Don’t you think it’s time to change this lifestyle, form better habits and take care of your mental, emotional and physical health with your iPhone?

There are many apps and services that you can explore on the iPhone and the App Store. I have organized them all and will explain how you can get the most out of your iPhone to lead a healthy lifestyle.

How can iPhone help you live a healthier life?

The iPhone, or any other technology, was first introduced to improve the human way of life, but over the years it has turned out that the opposite is true. Many people want to get rid of their devices and detox their current lifestyle, but this is not working out the way they would like.

The main reason is that most of our work and communication is done with iPhone, and most importantly, it is difficult to change the habit we have developed. But let’s pause for now and focus on reality. You don’t have to stop using your iPhone to avoid modern-day toxicity.

There are still many apps on the App Store that can help you improve your lifestyle.

9 tips to lead a healthy lifestyle with iPhone

Now that we have decided to use the iPhone to improve our lifestyle and make it healthier, let’s look at some tips and tricks to improve it.

1. Add important medical information to the iPhone lock screen.

Life is unpredictable. While we all hope bad things don’t happen, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared because we don’t know when bad things might happen and if someone checks out your phone to help you by adding important medical information on the lock screen, you can get the help you need soon.

Edit Medical ID information on iPhone

2. Add emergency contacts for automatic notification

Speaking of an unexpected event, you can add emergency contacts to your iPhone and Apple Watch so it’s easy to tell them and get help when something happens.

Put emergency contacts on your iPhone via the Health app

3. Set up the Health app.

Your iPhone comes with a Health app that can help and take care of you if you give it the right information. The app will help you keep track of your health and will also help you improve your lifestyle better. We already have a detailed guide to setting up the Health app, so you won’t have any problems managing the app.

Get started with your Medical ID in the iPhone Health app

4. Share medical records with loved ones and doctors

Once you have your health set up, you can also share your medical records with loved ones and your doctors so they can know how you’re feeling and be there for you when you’re not feeling well.

5. Set medication reminders

Despite taking proper precautions, it is normal to get sick and recover from it. Medicines must be taken on time. In this case, you should use the help of your iPhone to set a medication reminder.

Enter the name of the medication in the Health app on your iPhone.

6. Set up “getting ready for bed” shortcuts and sleep reminders for better sleep

I’ve been talking all this time about how things can go wrong and what steps you can take to prevent them. Now let’s take a look at some of the things you should do to avoid unfortunate events that are likely to happen.

Let’s start with sleep. Many of us are guilty of using our smartphones at night, despite knowing that they are harming our sleep. You might think this might help you get a good night’s sleep. But, my friend, I am very sorry to tell you this; You won’t.

Staring at a screen at night for hours after a hard day’s work exhausts your eyes and brain. Solve this problem by adjusting the bedtime on your iPhone and changing the habit.

7. Track your workouts and activities with your iPhone

Once you start scheduling your sleep, you will have more energy when you wake up instead of feeling tired. How about setting a fitness goal and working towards it? In my opinion, you should use the Apple Watch to keep track of your activities.

Even if you don’t have one, you can easily use any other watch or receipt from your iPhone to keep track of your activities. To track your exercises and activities with your Apple Watch, you first need to set up the Health app and then:

  1. Open the Health app.
  2. Click Browser → Select Activity.

    Track activities with iPhone

Here you can track your daily activities including steps, walking and running distance, activity summary, and more.

8. Turn on focus to reduce stress

In addition to good sleep and exercise, in order to have a good life, you also need to work well to keep your cash flow going. And for this you need to be focused. Thanks to the good developers at Apple, you can actually use Focus mode.

In addition to the official ones, you can also create your own focus for specific occasions, customize all the notifications you can receive from apps and contacts, and many other settings.

9. Set time limits for addictive apps

Apart from Focus, you can also prevent the screen time of some apps on your iPhone by setting Screen Time. When enabled, it will prevent you from using the app again when you exceed a certain time.

Set App Restrictions on iPhone

The best iPhone apps to make everyday life easier

Apart from all these tips and tricks that I mentioned here, here are some suggestions of apps that I have to make your daily life easier.

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Best iPhone apps to reduce stress at work

As you mentioned, you need a proper work-life balance to ensure a stress-free work environment. The following app suggestions will also help you to be more productive and thus succeed in your workplace.

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Happy and healthy life!

This is the wish of every person who lives there. But for some reason, we usually get caught up in different things in life and eventually forget to take care of ourselves. I also ran into this problem and would like to make changes to it, as well as help fellow readers. So if you have any suggestions or questions, please let me know.

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