If you’re a technology addict that suches as to log right into your net logs to see your inbound and also outbound net links, you might have discovered that the domain name “1e100. internet” periodically shows up without rhyme or reason. Sometimes, you also have a consistent link to 1e100. internet, also when you begin your computer system.

What in the world is 1e100. internet? If the mathematical nerd suffices for you, you recognize that the icon ‘e’ indicates exponentiation, and also ‘1e100’ indicates 1 × 10 to the hundredth power. This is a multitude … actually, this number is so huge that it is called a googol, complied with by 100 nos. Hmmm, googol, googol … what is understood about this word? Oh yeah – it appears much like Google. And also this is since Google is called after googol and also 1e100. internet is just one of Google’s domain names. Who is looking for this domain reveal that it comes from them.

Considering that numerous power individuals are not familiar with this link, their very first response when 1e100. internet shows up in a network monitoring program such as a software application firewall program is to obstruct it since they do not recognize what it is. It terrifies individuals a lot more when they materialize as an irreversible bond that they can not do away with. Nevertheless, it is a totally safe substance and also there is no factor to panic. Domain name 1e100. internet will certainly never ever show up by itself. It will certainly constantly be a subdomain like server-name.1 e100.net.

Instances where you will certainly see the link 1e100. internet

( By ‘see’ I suggest, search from a network application that can very closely keep track of all network demands.)

Any kind of website with YouTube video clips

For YouTube itself (had by Google) or any kind of various other site with an integrated YouTube video clip, 1e100. internet will certainly show up also if the video clip is not published. When the Flash Gamer introduces for the very first time, it sends out a demand to YouTube for the video clip thumbnail and also as a result sends out a demand to 1e100. internet for this information.

Firefox “secure surfing”

This function is activated by default and also makes use of Google’s web server to inspect the websites it lots to see if it gets on the negative listing.

This remains in Devices/ Alternatives/ Safety And Security:


Both blocks “Block logged assault websites” and also “Block records of phony websites” permit Firefox to inspect every website you pack or the “negative” listing that Google has.

Uncheck these 2 boxes if you do not desire your website to be crept by Google.

Download and install the address if you intend to see the real setup information for this concerning: config in Firefox after that locate secure surfing, As:


You do not need to do anything right here, however if you need to know “Just how much Google exists in my Firefox?” Is your solution.

Google Planet/ Google Updater

Planet and also Updater (which sets up Planet by default) will certainly speak to 1e100. internet to look for updates.

You can advise Updater not to do this, if essential.

Various other locations?

As for I recognize, in the 3 situations over you will certainly see 1e100. internet. Since you recognize what it is and also what its function is, you currently recognize that it is not spyware or malware. This is Google. Make use of a weird domain name since … hmm … well … it’s long story and also we leave it at that.