As asked for by YouTube, I set up Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11. I claimed in the video clip that I will certainly not search in information at just how I handled it Virtualbox The factor I claimed that is since it would certainly cause an hour-long video clip.

Nevertheless, I can discuss just how I did it in composing, as well as I recognize that somebody will certainly locate this info beneficial.

Prior to you go any type of additionally, a few of you are most likely asking yourself why I wished to do this initial. I did this since I believed it was an issue. There is something extremely interesting regarding making actually old software program or equipment service the net today, which is why classic computer system leisure activities do it to begin with. I’m not having problem with actual equipment (though I might), however I’m servicing the software program virtualization side.

1. Old Virtualbox functions, the brand-new Virtualbox does not function.

If you attempt to mount MS-DOS – not to mention Windows 3.1 – if you purchase Virtualbox “to Oracle”, it collapses. The remedy is to utilize the Virtualbox variation when it was still being created as well as launched by Sunlight Microsystems. I made use of variation 3.1.8 as well as of course, it can still be downloaded and install from the Virtualbox internet site.

It ought to additionally be kept in mind that FreeDOS has the very same problem as MS -DOS in more recent variations of Virtualbox – it will certainly collapse. This is not the mistake of DOS, however that of Virtualbox. Please utilize an older variation.

2. Several needed software are offered.

A selection of chauffeur as well as software particular to WFW 3.11 Here (as well as additionally for DOS). While it holds true that it was initially created for VMware, it operates in Virtualbox. Network chauffeurs, “pasted” Super VGA to obtain 800×800/ 4-bit (this coincides as you can utilize in Virtualbox with this setup), 32-bit Microsoft TCP/ IP pile for WFW, CD-ROM chauffeurs, and so on. Even more.

3. I made use of the CD pictures to fill the software program right into WFW.

What I might not reach make Windows network from WFW to Windows 7 job appropriately, what I did to consist of the software program in WFW was to melt ISO pictures with ImgBurn and afterwards install it basically in WFW by means of Virtualbox. This is just how I set up mIRC, Netscape 4.0 as well as MSIE 5.0.

MIRC 16-bis Here,

Netscape 16-bit Here,

MSIE 5.0 16-bit Here,

4. Consider it a task; it will certainly require time to finish.

My individual objective was to make MS -DOS 6.22/ WFW 3.11 collaborate with an actual net link – as well as I was successful in doing so.

If you have actually insane sufficient to make MS-DOS 6.22/ WFW 3.11 operate in a comparable means, the video clip verifies it to be so.

If you were to take actual old computer as well as do the very same, think it or otherwise, it would certainly be a whole lot less complicated since whatever you have is initially sustained.

Expect you have the ‘right’ equipment configuration, which as an example:

  • Intel 486 DX2/ 66 MHz
  • 1 MEGABYTES video clip (perhaps an old Spear card?)
  • Soundblaster 16 noise
  • 3Com Etherlink III network card (chauffeurs excellent still available)
  • PS/ 2 linked key-board as well as PS/ 2 linked computer mouse
  • Any type of VGA suitable screen

… This installment will certainly be set up with MS-DOS 6.22, WFW 3.11 with Microsoft TCP/ IP pile as well as will certainly enable you to quickly surf the net.

As the video clip reveals, the internet internet browser you are making use of will certainly be extremely delighted. Yet standard points like IRC conversations as well as straightforward files (if you have Microsoft Workplace 4.0 or WordPerfect 5.2 someplace), the installment serves – also if restricted.