You have a Gmail account however would love to change to an additional. The majority of people do this when they wish to develop a ‘service’ Gmail account, or merely due to the fact that they have actually discovered a Gmail e-mail name they such as one of the most.

You can allow POP for the old account as well as get e-mail in the brand-new Gmail account, however after that all timestamps will certainly be reset to ‘brand-new’, as well as the sent out e-mail will certainly be entirely jumbled.

Exists a means to change from one Gmail account to an additional while conserving every person right timestamps as well as mail sent out?

Yes, there is, as well as this post will certainly discuss precisely just how to do it.


Approach 1 – POP technique

This is a ‘quick as well as filthy’ technique of moving e-mail from one Gmail account to an additional.

I do not advise moving your Gmail in this manner. This ought to just be done if time is brief as well as you require to move extremely swiftly.

The reasons this technique is ‘poor’:

  1. As you popular, Gmail does not utilize directory sites. Rather, utilize what they call ‘tags’. This indicates that when you pack all e-mails consisting of mail sent out is published straight to your inbox – as well as you can stagnate the messages you formerly sent out to the tag sent out products. This develops the mail box in the brand-new Gmail account FULL Message. The only point you can do is established a filter as well as use your very own tag to all e-mails you send out. If what you check out perplexes you, trust me, you will certainly recognize when you see it – which’s an embarassment.
  2. All stamps will certainly be reset to “today”. It makes mail administration a headache. You wish to conserve these timestamps actually, as well as you can refrain from doing that with POP due to the fact that all downloads are significant today.

I will certainly state it once more – I extremely advise it. not action mail in this manner, however if required, you can do it:

  1. Click in your OU account organizations dan Forwarding as well as POP/ IMAP,
  2. Inspect the alternative in the OU account Send out a duplicate of the inbound mail as well as enter your BRAND-NEW Gmail e-mail address you signed up.
  3. In the old account, beside the area where you entered your brand-new e-mail address, click the food selection as well as choose erase duplicate from Gmail( This indicates that no mail is saved in the old account as well as is not provided straight to the brand-new account.)
  4. Inspect the alternative in the OU account Enable POP for all mail,
  5. IN THE OLD ACCOUNT, NEXT If messages are offered making use of POP click the food selection as well as choose erase duplicate from Gmail (You do this to make sure that the obtained mail is entirely relocated to as well as from the brand-new account.)
  6. Click in your OU account Conserve modifications,
  7. Go Into in your OLD account leave (in the top right edge of the display).
  8. Visit to a BRAND-NEW account.
  9. Click in the brand-new account organizations (in the top right edge of the display).
  10. Click in the brand-new account Expenses Tab.
  11. In the brand-new account, beside Receive mail from various other accounts click Include an additional mail account,
  12. A popup home window will certainly show up on the brand-new account asking for an e-mail address. Go into the e-mail address of your old account and after that faucet Following action switch.
  13. Go into the username as well as password for the old Gmail mail in the brand-new account on the following display.
  14. IN A BRAND-NEW ACCOUNT – OPTIONAL – examine package for Mark inbound messages In the food selection beside it, you can note inbound emails from the OU account as the e-mail address itself, OR click the drop-down checklist as well as establish your very own tag.
  15. Click in the brand-new account Include account switch.
  16. In the brand-new account, the complying with display will certainly ask you if you wish to send your email with the old email address as the sending out address. Default alternative Yes I would certainly wait because of this as well as click Following action switch.
  17. The brand-new account on the following display will certainly ask you what name you wish to utilize for mail with your old Gmail account. Go into the preferred name as well as press Following action switch.
  18. In the brand-new account on the following display, you will certainly be asked to verify that you are the proprietor of the e-mail address. Stress Send out verification switch.
  19. Shut the popup home window in the brand-new account.
  20. Click in the brand-new account inbound (left-hand bar) to examine your mail. You ought to get an e-mail from the Gmail group with the subject line including the Gmail verification. Open this e-mail.
  21. If you open this e-mail in a BRAND-NEW account, you’ll see a web link to click to verify it. Do it.
  22. A different home window will certainly open up in the NEW account with “Verification of success!” This component is done.
  23. you have

What will certainly originate from below:

If you have a great deal of e-mails in your old Gmail account (which you most likely do), Gmail is will certainly not download them at one time This will certainly occur in “waves”. The system typically downloads 50 to 200 emails each time, waits and after that downloads an additional 50 to 200 emails. The system will certainly remain to do this up until there disappear e-mails in the old account.

Given that you have actually currently established forwarding to your old account, all brand-new e-mails you get will certainly be sent out straight to your BRAND-NEW Gmail account.

Approach 2: IMAP technique

This is the suggested means to move one Gmail account to an additional. Perpetuity stamps are kept along with You can drag as well as go down e-mails to particular tags.

To change making use of IMAP, we require to utilize a mail customer that sustains IMAP mail accounts. You can utilize Overview Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, or any kind of variety of IMAP e-mail customers.

For this tutorial we utilize Mozilla Thunderbird Given that it services Windows, Mac or Linux, it is the very best option.

  1. Adhere to actions 1 with 5 making use of the POP technique over, and after that return below.
  2. IN THE OLD ACCOUNT, NEXT IMAP gain access to examine the alternative Enable IMAP,
  3. Click in your OU account Conserve modifications switch.
  4. Go Into in your OLD account leave (in the top right edge of the display).
  5. Visit to a BRAND-NEW account.
  6. Click in the brand-new account organizations (in the top right edge of the display).
  7. In the brand-new account, beside IMAP gain access to examine the alternative Enable IMAP,
  8. Click in the brand-new account Conserve modifications switch.
  9. Establish THUNDERBIRD OLD as well as NEW Gmail e-mail accounts in Mozilla Thunderbird. Adhere to the thorough directions on exactly how to do this. VITAL KEEP IN MIND: Miss action 10 in these instructions (have to be avoided to make sure that any kind of/ all faster ways look like ‘folders’ in Thunderbird when accessing Gmail by means of IMAP).
  10. If you’re great with THUNDERBIRD, you’ll require to have 2 Gmail accounts alongside. It appears like this (click to see complete dimension):
  11. THUNDERBIRD recommends (though not always) arranging mail by The dimension You can do this by clicking The dimension column where your letters show up. Alongside words The dimension an arrowhead will certainly show up showing that it has actually been arranged from tiniest to biggest, inside out. If you do not see The dimension column, click the tiny symbol to the right of the message checklist as well as choose The dimension … It appears like this:


    Switch (if you are puzzled by the above, which you need to press) – this is the switch to obtain this food selection:


    It appears like ‘FR’ as well as is extremely tiny, however this is what you desire the food selection to switch on The dimension column. Contrast the photo over with the previous one as well as bear in mind the area of this switch, as you might require to utilize it once more in the future to quickly consist of various other columns.

  12. It’s time to dispose her as well as go on to THUNDERBIRD. Begin with a mail box. Mark 25 to 50 emails from the old account as well as drag it to the brand-new account. Why just 25 to 50? This is done to stay clear of the moment lag of the mail web server. Do this up until your old mail box is vacant.
  13. When your inbound mail is completed in THUNDERBIRD, it’s time to go on to Sent Mail. USAGE ONLY “Sent Mail” BELOW [Gmail] AND ALSO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.


    Remember that both Send out Products folders [Gmail] for every particular account as well as no place else. You definitely do NOT wish to utilize delivery in neighborhood directory sites or anywhere else as it is NOT defined by GMAIL.

    Usage folders JUST when relocating sent out mail [Gmail] from one account to an additional.

    Type sent out messages by dimension as well as relocate e-mail to the New Gmail Account Sent Products folder with 25 to 50 e-mails each time (much like with your inbox).

    Relocate all sent out mail up until the Sent Mail folder of the old account is vacant.

  14. In THUNDERBIRD, you’ll see your faster ways look like folders in the old Gmail account, however not in the brand-new one, so we require to develop them. This can not be done straight from the tomb. Sign up with Thunderbird at this moment as well as adhere to the following action.
  15. Develop the very same faster ways in your BRAND-NEW account (like when you introduce your internet browser as well as check in to your brand-new Gmail account) as in your old account. If you have a great deal of faster ways, bear in mind that you can open up both Gmail as well as email accounts in 2 different internet browser home windows, so you have the web link as well as you do not need to do every little thing from memory.
  16. If you have actually effectively recreated all your faster ways, visit as well as attach your internet browser to the brand-new account.
  17. Restart Thunderbird.
  18. When you begin, you will certainly see that Thunderbird will certainly “see” all the brand-new faster ways as well as show them as directory sites. You are currently prepared to relocate e-mail from the old tags from the old account to the brand-new account with the brand-new tags.
  19. Relocate e-mails in THUNDERBIRD from the old account/ tag to the brand-new account/ tag. (If you later on check in to Gmail by means of the Web, any one of the e-mails you position in ‘Folders’ will certainly be significant appropriately.)
  20. In THUNDERBIRD, when you’re done relocating all emails from the old faster ways/ folders to the brand-new account with its faster ways/ folders – at this moment you’re practically finished with Thunderbird. You can remain to utilize Thunderbird if you like or otherwise. Your option.
  21. Currently we need to obtain every little thing brand-new emails most likely to the OLD account to be instantly sent out to the NEW account. To do this, adhere to actions 8 with 23 in the POP technique over, as well as you are done.