Someone sent you a text message that you don’t quite know how to respond to?

When you receive some confusing information on your iPhone in a text message, you may not know how to properly respond to that information.

You can send a really meaningless emoji or photo, but another option might be to send a text message with nothing in it.

The iPhone blank message steps below will show you how.

How to send a blank message on iPhone

  1. Open the Messages app.
  2. Select an existing chat or create a new chat.
  3. Tap inside the message field, then tap the space bar once.
  4. Click the send arrow.

Our iPhone blank message guide continues below with more information, including pictures of these steps.

Texting can be fun and it’s always fun coming up with new and creative ways to communicate with your friends.

Whether you’re sending gifs or memes, you have options when it comes to transmitting these types of messages.

Another thing you might want to consider is sending a text message with nothing in it.

Also, an interesting component of the blank message option on iPhone is that you can make that blank message as big as you want by including lots of spaces.

So keep reading below and find out how to start sending people messages with no content at all.

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How to send a blank text message to iPhone (photo guide)

The steps in this section were performed on an iPhone 13 running iOS 16.

Step 1: Open the Messages app on your iPhone.

Open the Messages app

Step 2: Click the New icon to create a new text message or open an existing text conversation.

Note that it does not matter if the message was sent as a text message or an iMessage. Both options will work.

Step 3: Enter the contact’s name or number if it’s a new message, then tap the empty message field at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Press the space bar once and then tap the arrow icon to send a message.

As mentioned earlier, you can press the space bar as many times as you like if you want to send a larger blank message. But one space is the minimum to be able to send a message.

How to send a blank message on iphone

Now that you have completed the Blank Messages for iPhone guide, you will be able to send messages to your friends and family that do not contain text.

Learn more about sending blank text messages on iPhone

The above steps to send a fake message to iPhone will work whether you are sending a text or an iPhone.

The iPhone Messages app requires that there is something in the message box to send the message, and one blank space is enough.

After you send a message, you will see an empty text bubble in the conversation. If it’s a text message, the circle will be green. An example of a blank iPhone message is shown in the image below.

An example of a blank message on an iPhone

If it’s an iMessage, the bubble will appear blue.

Since the messaging app still records the space as a letter, you can make the text cloud bigger if you add more spaces to your iPhone’s blank message.

One interesting aspect of iPhone blank messages is that you won’t see anything below the conversation when you’re on the main screen of the Messages app. It will just be empty space.

As for why someone would want to send a blank text message on their iPhone, every time I sent or received it, it was a sign that the sender wasn’t sure what to say and a “nothing” answer was appropriate.

Although it’s usually faster to enter a blank space and send a message this way, you can also copy and paste a blank message by pressing and holding a blank message and then selecting the Copy option.

You can then tap and hold on the message field and select the Paste option.